Schools Dealing with Clogged Urinals

How Schools, Universities, and Colleges are Combating Clogged Urinals

Schools face numerous challenges daily. Maintenance problems is just on of many, administrators and staff are always putting out fires. One often overlooked yet systemic problem is clogged urinals. This small issue can lead to significant disruptions, expensive repairs, and a lot of other problems. However, Javelin Urinal Treatment is now making waves in the education sector. By offering a cost effective and time saving way to remove uric salt build up in urinals, the common causes of clogs and slow running urinals.

Understanding the Problem

Clogged urinals are more than just a small inconvenience. They can cause bad smells, cleanliness problems, and even health risks. When urinals become blocked or slow draining, they can overflow, which can lead to slippery floors and a foul smelling bathroom. Additionally, the upkeep required to fix these issues can be costly.  Many colleges, schools and universities have been told that their urinals either have to be replaced or removed to fix the problem.  That is not the case when the correct product is available.

Why do urinals clog so often in schools, colleges, and universities?

  1. Usage: Schools have a lot of students these days, leading to frequent bathroom breaks.
  2. Uric Salt Build up: Uric salt, is a naturally occurring bi product in urine builds up in the P-Trap and turns into a concrete substance.
  3. Hard Water and Scale Buildup: Over an extended period of time minerals from hard water can accumulate, leading to blockages.
  4. Poor Maintenance: Regular maintenance may not always remove all the debris and buildup effectively, causing potential clogs

The Cost of Clogged Urinals

When urinals clog, schools, colleges and universities face multiple costs:

Plumbing Bills: Calling in plumbers for emergency repairs can be expensive. Regular maintenance contracts add to the expense.

Time: Maintenance staff spend a lot of time dealing with these issues, which their time can be better spent elsewhere.

Health and Safety: Overflowing urinals create slippery floors, increasing the risk of accidents.

Disruptions: Bathroom closures during peak hours can disrupt the school day, leading to students and teachers being late to class.

The Solution: Javelin Urinal Treatment

Javelin Urinal Treatment is a game-changer for schools, colleges and universities facing the persistent problem of clogged urinals. This treatment is made to keep urinals clean, free-flowing, and odor-free with minimal effort. But what exactly is Javelin Urinal Treatment, and how does it work?

What is it?

Javelin Urinal Treatment is a drain opener and maintainer designed to tackle urinal drain blockages and restrictions. Urinal drains are subject to repeated build-ups of uric salt which form hard and difficult to remove deposits inside drain lines, resulting in blockages and foul odors. Javelin Urinal Treatment dissolves the uric salt build-up, eliminating the time consuming work of mechanically removing these deposits, keeping urinal drains open and eliminating nasty odors.

Application Process:

  1. Initial Treatment: Maintenance staff apply the treatment to existing clogs or slow running urinals
  2. Safe: Javelin can be left in urinal overnite without harming any type of pipe.
  3. Javelin does not create any heat, smell or fumes when in use.
  4. Safe for any maintenance staff to use with safety glasses and gloves.
  5. Regular Maintenance: A routine application schedule keeps urinals clean and prevents future clogs.

Benefits of Javelin Urinal Treatment

  • Savings: Schools save money on expensive plumbing repairs and emergency plumbing calls. The product reduces the need for frequent professional cleanings.
  • Time: Maintenance staff spend less time dealing with clogged urinals and more time on other important tasks.
  • Health: Javelin keeps urinals clean and odor-free, contributing to a healthier environment.
  • Safety: Reduced overflow incidents mean fewer wet floors and a lower risk of accidents.


Case Studies: Schools Benefiting from Javelin Urinal Treatment

Several schools have already experienced the positive impact of Javelin Urinal Treatment. Here are a few examples:

Greenwood High School: Before using Javelin, Greenwood High faced weekly issues with clogged urinals. After implementing the treatment, plumbing costs dropped significantly. Maintenance staff now spend less time on restroom issues, allowing them to focus on other areas.

Lincoln Middle School: Frequent clogs and unpleasant odors were a constant problem. Since starting Javelin Urinal Treatment, the school reports a fresher, cleaner restroom environment.

Ivy Tech: Ivy had a persistent issue with scale buildup due to hard water. Javelin Urinal Treatment effectively prevents scale formation, keeping the urinals flowing smoothly. The school no longer worries about water damage from overflows.


Implementation Tips for Schools, Colleges, and Universities

  1. Start with a Thorough Cleaning: Make sure all urinals are clean and free from blockages before starting the treatment.
  2. Follow a Regular Schedule: Consistent application is key to preventing future clogs.
  3. Train Maintenance Staff: Ensure that the staff understands how to apply Javelin and the importance of regular maintenance.
  4. Monitor and Adjust: Keep track of urinal performance and adjust the treatment schedule as needed.

 Looking Ahead

Javelin Urinal Treatment has become a staple in the arsenal in many colleges, universities, and schools around the country.  It’s simple to use and is safe to leave in any pipes overnight.  In a time of ever-increasing costs, Javelin can help save money, which is better spent to improve school campus’s around the country.