An interview of how a highly popular restaurant overcame grease backups in their commercial kitchen. The establishment’s reputation for serving delectable dishes was overshadowed by a persistent issue. Grease backups in their commercial kitchen sinks, caused a foul smell to permeate from the kitchen drains. We spoke with restaurant owner, Mr. James Mitchell. He shares his story of persistent clogged pipes due to grease buildup and implementation of Javelin Kitchen Drain and Septic Treatment to help solve his problems.

The Problem: Grease Backups in Commercial Kitchens

As we sit down with Mr. Mitchell, he recalls the stress of contemplating the impact of the ongoing grease backup problems in his restaurant. “It was more than just an inconvenience; it was affecting our business at its core.”. “The slow draining drains and bad odor coming from the pot and pan sinks was not only unpleasant for our customers. It also demoralizing for our kitchen staff. It reached a point where it started to impact our customer retention rates.”

The issue at hand isn’t really spoken about in the restaurant industry. This isn’t something every restaurant owner thinks about as well. However, for Mr. Mitchell, it became a big problem that demanded immediate attention. “The clogged drains not only slowed down our kitchen operations but also created an unhygienic environment that we couldn’t afford. Word travels fast in the food industry. Negative reviews about the unpleasant odor were getting noticed by customers.”

The Failed Attempts

When asked about the initial steps taken to address the problem, Mr. Mitchell recounts. “We tried various commercial drain cleaners and DIY solutions, but none seemed to provide a lasting solution. It was a constant battle. Futhermore, we needed something that not only cleared the clogs but also prevented them from coming back.” We did hire a few plumbers to come in to snake and jet the lines. That worked but only for a short period of time. It also is an expensive investment not only for the service but the downtime in the kitchen.

Amidst the multiple failed attempts, a glimmer of hope appeared in the form of Javelin Kitchen Drain and Septic Treatment. Intrigued by the promises of an effective and long-term solution. Mr. Mitchell decided to give it a shot. “We were willing to try anything at that point,” he admits with a faint smile.

The Solution to: Grease Backups in Commercial Kitchens

The decision to implement Javelin marked a turning point for the restaurant. Mr. Mitchell explains, “We started using Javelin on a weekly basis as part of our routine maintenance. The results were nothing short of remarkable. The clogs in our pot and pan sinks began to clear up, and the bad smell that had plagued our kitchen started to dissipate.”

The transformation was not just limited to the physical cleanliness of the drains. It also had a positive impact on the restaurant’s overall atmosphere. “Our kitchen staff noticed the difference almost immediately. The foul smell was gone, and the drains were flowing smoothly. It improved the morale in the kitchen. Now the chefs could focus on what they do best – preparing delicious meals for our customers.”

The Feedback

As the interview progresses, Mr. Mitchell elaborates on the specific qualities of Javelin that set it apart from other drain treatments. “What impressed us most about Javelin was its powerful formulation that breaks down grease and organic matter. It not only cleared the existing slow draining sinks but also prevented future buildups, this was crucial for us. The fact that it’s safe for all plumbing systems was an added bonus.”

One of the key advantages of Javelin Kitchen Drain and Septic Treatment is its versatility. It is designed not only to tackle grease buildup in sinks but also to address septic tank issues. Mr. Mitchell notes, “We realized that the problem wasn’t just limited to our kitchen drains. Our septic system was also under stress. Javelin’s dual functionality made it a comprehensive solution for both our immediate and long-term needs.”

The impact on the restaurant’s bottom line was not lost on Mr. Mitchell. “Investing in Javelin was an investment in the longevity of our business. The positive change in our kitchen’s hygiene translated to improved customer satisfaction. Our reputation was on the mend, and we saw a significant uptick in customer retention.”

The Implementation

In addition to its efficacy, Javelin’s ease of use played a crucial role in its integration into the restaurant’s maintenance routine. “It’s a simple process – just pour the recommended amount down the drains at the end of the night. Alow the bacteria in the treatment sit overnite and “eat” the grease and organic matter. It doesn’t disrupt our operations, and the results speak for themselves. It’s become an indispensable part of our weekly maintenance schedule.”


As our interview nears its end, Mr. Mitchell reflects on the journey from battling persistent grease backups to reclaiming the pristine state of his restaurant’s kitchen. “It’s a testament to the importance of finding the right solution for your specific challenges. Javelin Kitchen Drain and Septic Treatment rescued us from a situation that was affecting our business. Today, our kitchen is not only functional but also a pleasant space to work in.”  If you need more information on how to clean grease trap click here for instructions.